• Comfortable


    The Hernia Helper's cotton spandex inner layer is so comfortable you will forget you even have the belt on. In fact, our clients tell us that they are able to wear their belt all day without any irritation or discomfort. That is our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • Reliable


    Whether you are exercising, doing yard work, or playing tennis, the Hernia Helper Belt supports your Parastomal Hernia all day long. The unique reinforced opening of the belt will also help keep the flange portion of your appliance sealed against your skin.

  • Discreet


    A Hernia Helper will smooth out any lumps and bumps that are associated with a Parastomal Hernia. By taking several key measurements and answering a few body shape questions, we will make sure that you get a "Snug" fit - not too tight - not too loose.

Hernia Helper Support Belt


  • IncreasedConfidence
  • IncreasedPrevention
  • IncreasedMobility

What is a Parastomal Hernia?

A hernia is a weakness in the wall of the abdomen that allows the contents (bowels) to bulge out forming a lump or swelling. If the weakness occurs where the stoma is attached to the muscle wall causing a swelling around the stoma, this is called a Parastomal Hernia.

What may cause a Parastomal Hernia?

Ostomy surgery weakens the stomach muscles. Lifting heavy objects and other strenuous activity will have an adverse effect on your core muscles.

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After a Parastomal hernia drastically impacted the quality of my life, I tried the competitors product. Not satisfied with the results I was getting, I decided to develop my own solution. Hence the Hernia Helper was born.
Gord D.
Gord D.
Founder - Hernia Helper
The Hernia Helper has enabled me to get back to enjoying activities once again. I know longer have to worry about having blow outs. I once again have the peace of mind I had before my hernia. Thanks Gord
Shelly J.
Shelly J.
PSW Worker
Since ordering my Hernia Helper I am back to work and I am able to work a full shift without any worries. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. Thanks Hernia Helper for returning my freedom.
Paige C.
Paige C.

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