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The Hernia Helper’s cotton spandex inner layer is so comfortable you will forget you even wearing the belt.

Other nylon belts are sweaty and cause skin irritation which is difficult to get rid of.  Its also strong with just enough flexibility to make it a perfect support belt.

Many of our clients tell us that they are able to wear their belt all day without any irritation or discomfort. You can wash it in the laundry just like you would your clothes.


Whether you are exercising, doing yard work, or playing tennis, the Hernia Helper Belt supports your Parastomal Hernia all day long.

It’s absolutely normal to feel reluctant to do sports or outside activities, but the Hernia Helper restores your confidence.

For those with a Stoma, the unique reinforced opening of the belt will also help keep the flange portion of your appliance sealed against your skin.


A Hernia Helper will smooth out any lumps and bumps that are associated with a Parastomal Hernia.

We will ask for a few key measurements and some body shape questions to make sure that you have a “Snug” fit – not too tight – not too loose.

When you wear the Hernia Helper belt, your confidence returns and makes you feel more like your old self once again.

Hernia and Stomas – General Helpful Info

What is a Parastomal Hernia?

A hernia is a weakness in the wall of the abdomen that allows part of the large or small bowel to bulge out forming a lump or swelling.

If the weakness occurs where the stoma is attached to the muscle wall causing a swelling around the stoma, this is called a Parastomal Hernia.

It might seem scary at first but the most important thing to remember is that people can enjoy a fairly active life with a hernia and stoma. There are things you can do to help manage daily routines and there is help and encouragement from others who understand what you are going through.

Managing a Hernia

Many hernias can be managed without surgery. Support belts are the most successful aids. A support belt does not solve the problem or make the hernia go away. What it does do is help manage living with one much easier.

If you have a stoma, it may be necessary to change the type of pouch you use to ensure a secure fit. Talk to your ET Nurse for advice on this as no two situations are exactly the same. ET nurses are specifically trained and have extensive knowledge about the different appliances on the market.

Remember, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and if you have any questions at all, please let us know and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Chances are, we had the same ones as you.

What is the Hernia Helper Ostomy Support Belt?

The Hernia Helper is a comfortable, reliable and discreet support belt.

With the Hernia Helper you will be able to increase your mobility while at the same time enjoying peace of mind knowing that you are wearing a belt that keeps things in place. No longer do you need to hide in shame and embarrassment.

Hernia Helper is not just for people with a hernia. Anyone needing to support the abdominal muscles benefits from wearing the belt.

Many of our customers include Bariatric surgery patients, C-section moms, post-op abdominal cancer sufferers… and they agree it really helped to wear one on a daily basis.

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